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Putting it All Together
Published for the Dallas CityDesign Studio
(The opening paragraphs of the document's executive summary. Download the complete document as a PDF.)

Dallas is a mighty city with a majestic profile. However, most of its premier assets are clustered on one side of the city. The western, southern and southeastern sections of the city in particular have very few of the same assets.

However, the vast expanses of undeveloped land there represent outstanding opportunities to add tax revenue to the city … so long as those areas get developed in a way that produces communities that will sustain for many years to come.

Many factors are responsible for this imbalance. Developments in Dallas over the past 25 years have generally emphasized separation from the street rather than connection to the street, a single use rather than mixed uses and access only by automobile rather than access by automobile, foot, bicycle, trolley and/or light rail.

As a result, people over time have found many developments in Dallas to lack character and have moved farther away from the city core in search of something

The good news is, a new vision of how cities can grow and prosper is taking root all over the world. That vision is embedded in an accompanying document from the Dallas CityDesign Studio targeting a new urban-planning model for a section of West Dallas adjacent to the Trinity River.

We, the business stakeholders in this area, urge the Dallas City Council to approve the innovative plan crafted for our area by the Dallas CityDesign Studio and adopt several recommendations for its implementation that we outline in this document. We ask the council to designate the area going forward as the Dallas City Council Urban Innovation Zone, a laboratory where innovative urban design strategies get tested.

Most important, we hope the council will endorse the work of the Dallas CityDesign Studio as a model that will be replicated over the next several years in other underserved neighborhoods located in every council district city-wide.

Since August 2009, the CityDesign Studio has been working with us, and listening to us, with the goal of crafting an innovative strategy for the redevelopment and revitalization of that specific slice of West Dallas bounded by:

  • the Trinity River on the north and east,
  • Interstate 30 on the south and
  • Sylvan on the west.

Why should this “West Dallas Study Area” be the beta site for an entirely new approach to urban planning in Dallas? Primarily because of its location. This segment of West Dallas is immediately surrounded by the Medical District, the Market Center District, the Design District, the Justice Complex, the Kennedy Tourist District, Downtown Dallas and the affluent neighborhoods of North Oak Cliff.

A revitalized West Dallas will not have to look far for locals and visitors eager to enjoy its amenities. More important, though, is the area's proximity to the Trinity River Corridor Project. Access to several of the project's key recreational venues will be from the study area. And two of the three Santiago Calatrava-designed bridges that will traverse the Trinity River will land in this area. So, we feel this section of West Dallas is truly the slice of Dallas most on the front lines of the changing inner city.

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