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Below you will find a menu of the workshop modules we currently offer. Feel free to suggest a mix of the modules below, which we will happily customize to address the topics common to your industry and/or location.

To schedule a program, call us at +1.214.948.7954 or e-mail us.

Writing for the Web
Writing for the screen is not the same as writing for the printed page. In this workshop, we cover the most effective techniques for helping people find, understand and use information online. Your team comes away better equipped to write online content that reflects best practices in Web usability.

Length options: Half-day, full-day, two days

Writing in the Technology Environment
Too often, the marketing materials and Web pages produced by technology companies miss the mark. People do not want to be told what technology will "allow" or "enable" them to do; they want to comprehend what they can accomplish with the technology. This workshop helps IT professionals, communication teams and other employees to sweep away the consultants' jargon that so often clutters the writing in technology companies. The result: crisper, cleaner and better-understood Web content, marketing materials, emails, etc.

Length options: Half-day or full-day

Making Your Writing More Powerful
In this session, we explore the many techniques your employees can use to create reports, articles, and online content that are compelling to read.

We discuss use of the active voice, compelling vocabulary, specific details, powerful quotes, similes and metaphors and the other power-writing tools the most successful business writers employ.

Exercises help participants master the techniques discussed. Appropriate for anyone who writes news, feature material, business reports or e-mails.

Length options: Half-day or full-day

Making Your Writing More Professional
In this session, we zero in on the technical side of writing, to ensure it has professional polish. We emphasize grammar, spelling and your organization's style manual. Participants also master the careful balancing act of using a vocabulary and tone that is professional, but not pompous.

Length options: Half-day or full-day

Innovative Editorial Techniques
Infographics, roundtable discussions, journal entries...these are just a few of the creative approaches to presenting information we explore in this session. Targeted to those within organizations who produce newsletters, magazines and Web content, this session turbocharges the creativity of editors to think beyond the staid, predictable approaches to presenting content.

Participants see examples both from other corporate publications and Web sites and also draw inspiration from some of the most creative consumer publications and sites out there.

Length options: Half-day or full-day

Great Feature Writing
This is the workshop that launched our training business and that has won acclaim worldwide. The art of writing a feature article or case study is not difficult – when you know what makes for effective interviewing skills, story leads, transitions and conclusions.

Length options: Half-day, full-day, two days

Customized Programs
Feel free to suggest a program that addresses a mix of several of the communication topics you see above – or other communication skills your team needs. We'll then design a program that accomplishes your professional development objectives.

To schedule a program or obtain more information, either call us at 214.948.7954 or e-mail us.


"We laugh. We learn. We review effective and ineffective examples, side by side.

We discuss how the material applies to the topics your team is writing about that very week. And then in individual and small group exercises, we practice the techniques until everyone has mastered them."