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1939 Mayflower St.
Dallas, TX 75208

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Consulting Services

The consulting services we offer include:

Publication/Intranet Assessments
We provide both one-time, and ongoing, assessments of a company's publications, intranet or Web site.

Clients who have relied on us for our knowledge in this area include: American Century Investments, Wausau Insurance and Arizona Public Service, among many others.

Communication Style Guides
Are there inconsistencies across your company when it comes to the spelling and punctuation of products, services, department names, etc.? I have developed a modular style guide template that can reside on your company's intranet and resolve those issues immediately.

Clients who have relied on us for our style guide include Pepsico and Epic Energy Solutions.

Special Projects
When Whirlpool Corporation sought insight into how to develop a worldwide employee publication, it turned to Jeff Herrington Communications.

And, when The Lubrizol Company wanted a comprehensive plan for revitalizing its entire employee communication program, it turned to Jeff Herrington Communications.

When you require the perspective of an organization possessing worldwide expertise in many forms of corporate communication, turn to us.

To discuss a consulting project, e-mail us, or call us at 214.948.7954.