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Writing for the Web

Writing for the Web is very different from writing for print. The good news is, the nuances are easy to master ... once you know them.

No other workshop better illustrates how to craft content for an intranet or Web page ... in a way research tells us people will use it and understand it.

This workshop is for anyone who:

  • prepares content for a Web site, intranet or portal

  • writes a blog, manages a corporate Facebook page or offers a Twitter feed

  • oversees the posting of any of the above

Certainly, communicators benefit from this workshop. So, too, do engineers, accountants, human resource professionals - anyone who needs to ensure content they post online meets best-practice guidelines.

In this workshop, you'll learn how to:

  • craft effective and strategic headlines for online content

  • write blurbs that will increase click-throughs to inside pages

  • organize content so it is user-friendly

  • write content to move a site up on search-engine results pages

  • correctly select and present hyperlinks within content

  • make your content easier to scan

  • respect the reader's need for SPEED

...and much, much more!

To schedule a program or obtain more information, either call us at 214.948.7954 or e-mail us.