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Yesterday we had a troublesome client give us gobbledygook for a promotional blurb. We fought back. We rewrote it for the web. And we worked together. Jeff's workshop was the inspiration for our success. I know our group benefited from Jeff's being here. I personally learned some new things, dusted off some old ones and got a nice shot of invigoration to boot! The entire communications team thought your workshop was great! I am certain we will incorporate many of your ideas and, as a result, significantly improve our intranet communications. Thanks for making the session fun and informative.
The sections that our content developers produced using the guidelines they learned from you have gotten rave reviews. Thanks for the good job you did here. Jeff Herrington's workshop here was phenomenal. The information he presented was crucial to the work we are currently involved with to improve our website. I left with 14 pages of handwritten notes I plan to put to good use.

Jeff's session definitely met our objectives. I am already writing better headlines, and shorter sentences and paragraphs. I look forward to trying out more of the techniques and tips he shared with us.