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Fortune 500 companies. Mid-sized firms. Governmental agencies. National and international associations.

All have benefited from bringing us onsite to train those who write their print, intranet, and Internet content. Turn to us for presentations and workshops on:

  • Writing for the Web
  • Effective Feature Articles and Case Studies
  • Effective Organizational Blogs
  • Making Your Writing More Powerful
  • Making Your Writing More Professional
  • Innovative Editorial Techniques

Learn more about how your communication team can refine its skills through our onsite writing workshops.

Writing Tip:

We're more likely to connect with readers if we put the most complicated idea in a sentence at the end.

Rather than write:

"Our company – which was founded in an old bicycle factory in Steubenville, Ohio during the Great Depression – has an illustrious history"...


"Our company has enjoyed an illustrious history since its founding in an old bicycle factory in Steubenville, Ohio, during the Great Depression."

Readers are more likely to bolt from a sentence when they encounter a hurdle in the middle of it. But if we save that complex idea for the end, our readers are more inclined to stay with us ... and grasp the entire idea we want to share with them.